And so it begins…

I’ve always enjoyed thinking creatively. I’ve been good at inspiring, directing and down-right bossing around people into creating things. But doing it myself? Hmmmm, that’s not always been my strong suit. And I have plenty of excuses to give when the need arises:

I don’t know how to do it.


I don’t have the materials and tools to complete the project.


I really enjoy shopping for ready made items.


If I had that kind of time available, I should donate that time and energy to a good cause.

Along the same lines,

 I find it very rewarding to be involved in encouraging others to express their creativity.

And finally, the unspoken clincher,

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse who suffers from PTSD. I’m stable today. If I open that door to express my own creativity I am afraid of what will come out.

And there you have it, the “list”. And now it’s time to Upcycle this jumble of excuses and fears into something new, beautiful and purposeful. So I have set some goals, long and short term, to create this Upcycled life.

  1. Create everyday. Something. Anything. Don’t judge it, just do it. Over time, my skills and confidence will improve.
  2. Try to use as much recycled material as possible.
  3. Notice the details of ready made items I would normally buy for my home or wardrobe. Develop an aesthetic I can apply to my own creativity.
  4. Create things for the people and causes I love.
  5. Continue encouraging creativity in others by my own example and share my journey on this mission with others so they might be inspired in their own lives.
  6. For 1 year I can accept no dollar payment for anything I create. Year 1 is about building foundations for my own growth and development as I explore my own creativity.

This is what Repsychol’d By Lucy is all about.

I have no idea what I will create tomorrow, but I’m really excited to find out. I welcome your comments, suggestions and advice. Thanks for stopping by!


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