Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Today was all uphill. Pushing, pulling and prodding. We are down to one car at the moment, and one of the kids is on crutches and pain meds for a bad knee sprain. I spent most of the day picking up the slack at home. Washing, drying, folding and feeding the slack, and finally fell into a hot bubble bath hoping to soak it all away and emerge fresh and ready to create. Instead I emerged into fresh hell of the teenage step-daughter variety (The one with the crutches). While I was angry and displeased in the moment, post-crisis I was moved to dabble my toes into Abstract Painting. While the technical skills aren’t there yet, I gained a new perspective on the situation between Crutches and myself and gained more appreciation for the Abstract style. My strokes were expressive but not pre-planned. And I knew when I was done only because I felt the emotion I was expressing change as if I were satisfied, finished with my statement. And then I looked at what I had created and saw so many nuances of our real life story played out in symbols and swipes. I finally understood what people really see that appreciate Abstract art.

I gained creative knowledge and experience, I found a healthy outlet for my feelings at the time, gained some insight into a relationship and kept my promise to create everyday. I call it a win!

My first attempt at abstract painting

My first attempt at abstract painting. You kinda had to be there to appreciate it.


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