My Blog Sucks… and that’s ok

I have no idea whatsoever what I’m doing when it comes to this social media thing. I intentionally dropped off the face of the virtual reality world a few years ago for personal reasons before I ever learned about tags much less #hashtags.

But that’s okay.

Because I’m slowly learning. S L O W L Y

My major focus is right now is the hands on creative projects I’m upcycling. Most of my first projects are going to be gifts to my family so I haven’t posted much on the subject. However, I do have a few badly photographed pics of what I’m doing.

A scarf I made from a recycled tshirt

A scarf I made from a recycled tshirt

This thin scarf-necklace was alot of fun to make. I didn’t take any before pictures of the shirt because I made this before I decided to start the blog. When I make another I will do a post about it.


This is a work in progress using recycled magazine pages and a lot of patience. I saw some folded paper projects on pinterest that inspired me to try some experimentation. I’m making a lot of these coils and then trying different finishes and treatments of them. I’ll (again) update you on what I figure out that actually works and what doesn’t. (Spoiler: the scotch tape method soooo does not work)

I’m also working on T-shirt Rag Rugs. Google em… they’re adorable. But since I’m working off of solely donated recycled materials I have only short stacks of similarly colored t-shirts waiting for more matching or at least coordinating materials before I start butchering the fabrics. I don’t want to limit the possibilities of an upcycleable until I know I have enough to finish the project. I’m not trying to create more waste. #counterproductive 

See what I did there, hahaha. I guess it would matter more if I were actually on twitter. It will happen, just

S    L    O   W    L    Y

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any comments, suggestions or mad ramblings you want to send my way, feel free. I’ll probably just try to upcycle that too…



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