What Would Bill Murray Do?


Let me say this first, I don’t know the real Bill Murray, the actor/comedian, or pretend to know what the man would do about anything. The Bill Murray I’m referring to is the man pictured on one of my favorite t shirts. (It was a Goodwill score late last spring in perfect condition for 50 cents!)

Sure, it’s the same face, but the Bill Murray I know is just an amalgamation of characters he has portrayed ever since I was sneaking out of bed as a little girl to watch him on Saturday Night Live. I don’t even really know which movie this shirt’s graphic is from (my apologies Mr. Murray). It doesn’t matter. I love this shirt because it reminds me to look at “now” differently. To just chaWP_20141026_004nge my perspective and get unstuck, out of my own way, and enjoy the greatest show on earth: Life.

I was feeling very stuck. So many ideas in my head and not enough completions with little check marks and happy face stickers. A little glitter would have been nice too.

You see, it all started with these golf clubs. I got an email from a community member asking me to come pick up some garage sale leftovers they thought could be upcycled. I showed up, gratefully accepted my box of donated materials. Then I spied some golf clubs next to their trash can. They had been deemed worthless and ready for the garbage heap. I offered ” Please, let me take these before you throw them away. Yes, I can find a good home for these, give them another turn at contributing to a better world.” Ok I’m sure I didn’t say it like that, but that’s where my heart was. So after I got the crazy-eye from the home owners, they relented and let me take the clubs home too.

I had no idea at the time, but I had just become the proud foster-parent of a set of previously abused quintuplets: 2 clubs and 3 putters.

I unloaded my trash to treasures box from the car, going through my normal routine of sorting and cleaning the donations for upcycling. I went back to the car all la-di-da to take the last bit out, the Quints. But the Quints didn’t come inside the house. Nope. I propped them up outside my front door and left them there. No inspecting, cleaning or even taking a moment to brainstorm a possible repurpose. Just drop and go. This was unusual.

A few days passed, and the Quints remained silent sentinels at my door. As the days passed my creativity slowed. I told myself it was all good because I was having lots of ideas of how to grow Repsychol’d By Lucy and working on the business end of doing good deeds. But deep down, I knew. It was the Quints. ~Sigh~ The Quints.

I googled upcycled golf clubs. I asked eco-minded people for suggestions. And still the Quints stood at my door mocking me in that specific way only inanimate objects can do. It was Karma. Bad Mojo from an unfortunate incident involving me, some golf clubs, an unfaithful lover and a fiesta. I knew I had to be the one to repurpose the Quints, and that it couldn’t be for something in my own home. And my holiday gift list doesn’t include any golfers either. DEEPER sighing.

This brings us to Sunday, a full week had passed during which the Quints had remained my unwilling door butlers. And I was stuck.  Couldn’t create, couldn’t design, or even write. Stuck like Chuck. I decided it was cabin fever and charged into my closet to get dressed for a hike around our local nature paths. I reached for my grubby skull covered stay-away-from-me shirt I often don for such outings. By happy coincidence I had hung my shirts inside out. Right side out now is Bill Murray staring at me through surreal 3D glasses.

Bill Murray's Two Cents on the situation

Bill Murray’s Two Cents on the situation

And I thought, “Yeah…Let’s do this. NOW!”

I threw Bill over my shoulders grabbed my bag, the Quints, took a few pics, then Bill Murray, the Quints and I got in the car.

“Honey. I’m going out, don’t know when I’ll be back”. Honey replied,” I could kinda see that, what are you going to do?” I looked him in the eyes and said “What would Bill Murray do?”. From my rear-view mirror I saw him laughing and blinking in bewildered amused acceptance as I drove off into the noon-day sun, with the Quints tucked safely into the back, Bill Murray as my wingman…

To Be Continued…

Bill Murray work with anybody


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