Black Friday Withrawal

Black Friday is only half way over, and I am not sure I will survive it. I’m NOT shopping today. Seriously. Remember how I set all these goals for myself in the post And So It Begins? I said I wasn’t going to buy all the shiny pretty new things this year in favor of upcycling gifts for my family. Well, not shopping Black Friday SUCKS! It’s a shopaholics Mardi Gras, St. Patty’s and 21st birthday pub crawl all rolled into one day.


I’ve got signs of withdrawal: Itchy-crawly skin, irritability, poor concentration. But I’ve done well so far. I haven’t been trolling the online sales, or even opened up the newspaper print ads. But I want to.

Oh Good God how I want to

I want to be out there with the masses, giant shopping cart in full throttle, elbows out ready to block poachers and encroachers. Sending my grown Black Friday shopping experienced kids to crawl and shimmy their way through the fox-hole and mine ladden fields in the Wal-Mart electronics departments to root out the discount treasures to be had if you are spry and sneaky enough to get your mitts on it first.

I miss the smell of sweat, adrenaline, desperation, cheap plastic and dirty diapers. I miss the thrill of the deal. I miss the exchange of shopping warrior stories that would be shared after a successful retail mission.

Aah…But this too shall pass. I have faith, this too shall pass.

On the other hand, if you want to stop by after your shopping trip I could make you a big cup of cocoa and let you put up your tired achy feet for a little recuperating nap…

While I open every single one of your shopping bags, caress the tissue paper wrapped treasures and repeatedly breathe in the holiday retail-y scents.

Hahaha Just kidding. I would never do that.

(I am such a liar…)

I’m a shopping junkie on the day after Thanksgiving. I’m already eating cold turkey today, so I’d kinda be a hypocrite to say I’m quitting cold turkey, right? Help a girl out! Whatd’ya get? Tell me in the comments your best or worst Black Friday score or story. C’mon man, I neeeeed it!


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