Hi, I’m Lucy and thanks for visiting my little spot on the web. I’m a native Texan and mother of 3 children. I share my life with a wonderful supportive man and his 3 kids. I’m also mom to 3 fur-babies: 2 tortoise shell cats and a neurotic little terrier mix dog who all merely tolerate sharing me with the two-leggeds in the house. I enjoy cooking, crafting and bitching. Not necessarily in that order.

This is the first year of my journey here at Repsychol’d By Lucy, which is basically defined as a year of learning. I’m trying all sorts of different art forms and techniques while upcycling anything I can get my hands on or wrap my mind around. After my first year I hope to begin selling my creations and use the profits to benefit Family and Youth Mental Health Programs and keeping music and arts programs in schools.

What? Those seem like two very different things?… Not to me. I believe students who participate in music and arts programs have lower occurrences of serious mental health issues as adults, and those who do experience these issues have a greater chance of success reaching recovery when they incorporate creative and artistic tools into their treatment.

Basically I’m saying that kids need music and arts in school, and if the programs are removed there will be a large increase in the number of these students who will need therapy as adults. Adults in therapy can benefit from creative expression of the self that is often repressed during behavior modification therapy. And some adult artists can get too wrapped up in their art and lose touch with their selves, requiring mental and/or emotional intervention as well. So to me they just go hand in hand.

Ok, so why the upcycling?… I’ve always liked re-purposing things, taking what one person might just discard or overlook as disposable or trash. Then one day I realized my upcycling hobby was a metaphor for what I want to see happen for all the people and families in the world, like my own, who have been affected by mental health issues. People who have been thrown away, abused and overlooked because they were misjudged as worthless. And so I try to create beauty and purpose in every little thing I can, including people.

Want to learn more, ask a question or just say “Hi”? I would love to hear from you! You can email me at Repsycholdbylucy@yahoo.com


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